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Step 1:  Change Your Password
Your registration email contains your chosen Agent ID Name along with a randomly generated password.  We recommend that you change this password to one that will be easier for you to remember.  You will need your password to check your earning status and to access your Agent information.
to change your password.
Step 2:  Learn How To List Ads
We have set up a training program to help you get familiar with the listing process.  Practice placing ads and registering dealerships.  This process is the same as the one you will use to register users and place ads on the real web site.
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Step 3:  Start Placing Ads (and getting paid!)
You can promote Transport Universe without even leaving home and earn commissions for every dealer or seller you refer to Transport Universe.  

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It's that easy to sell to both private sellers and dealers and businesses in every transportation sector!

Private Sellers: 
You can probably think of at least 10 vehicles that you have seen for sale in the past week.  Driving to school or work.  Friends.  Your front lawn...  They're everywhere.  You will earn between $5.00 and $25.00 for every paid listing you place!  If the seller has a computer, you can refer them to the site with your Agent ID, or help them list the ad.  If the seller does not have a computer or internet access, you can take the information with our Printable Documents, and list the ad for the seller on your computer.  We have several payment options at Transport Universe.  If the seller pays for their ad with our secure online payment system, your account will be credited that day.  If the seller mails payment, you will be credited the day we validate that payment.

Dealers and Businesses: 
You will receive $35.00 per month for every dealership or business that you sign up for the Premier Dealership program.  The dealer gains all the benefits of advertising on Transport Universe for less than what they spend in one weekend with the local papers.  Not just cars, either!  Premier Dealerships is available to all vehicle, parts, equipment, and accessory merchants from skate shops to marinas, from Harley dealers to airlines; every business needs the kind of traffic that you can provide as a Transport Universe Listing Agent.


You may also use your Listing Agent membership to list your own vehicles, parts, and accessories for half price!  Simply use your Agent ID Name and password when you list and ad.  Make sure you enter your own Agent ID in the Agent field when placing a paid ad and you will be credited 50% of the listing fee!

You can make very good money with this program using very little effort.  And with some time and effort invested, you could be ready for a very relaxing career shift!

Getting Paid

As a Transport Universe Listing Agent, you will receive 50% of every paid listing and paid registration you post on Transport Universe!  Even better, you receive 5% of every paid listing and registration posted by agents you refer, and 5% of every paid post by agents that they refer!  We pay commissions weekly, so you don't have to wait for your money!

We pay our Listing Agents with the PayPal online payment service.  On any Tuesday that you have a balance of at least $25 in your account, you will be paid using the PayPal system.  You will receive and email notifying you that Transport Universe has deposited cash into your PayPal account and that you can log on and receive payment!  It's that easy.

Here's how much money you make!

Cost of Listing

When you list, you get:

When a Referred Agent Lists:

When a 2nd Level Agent Lists:

















Dealership $69.95/month




With this program, you can earn a substantial income in two different ways.  Because you earn 50% of every paid listing you post, you can make serious money without every referring anyone to the Listing Agent Program.  If you prefer to refer agents instead of posting ads yourself, you can sit back and collect a weekly check while others do the listing for you.  This alone can provide you with enough weekly income to allow you to quit your job within a month!  But if you are serious about making money while having fun and providing a NEEDED service to friends, family, neighbors and dealerships, you can retire early and live the good life by listing ads AND referring agents.

If you and your referred agents each refer just 10 agents and you each post...


One $9.95 ad

Five $9.95 ads

Ten $9.95 ads

1 Dealership




5 Dealerships




10 Dealerships




And remember, dealerships pay monthly.  You could very easily build a sustainable income which continues to grow long after you stop listing!  There is no limit to the number of ads you can list or agents you can refer.  Take that $4800 from the chart above.  If you and your agents each referred just 15 agents, that number would jump to $10,000!  And the example only shows the $9.95 ads.  Try listing boats and planes and see how those  numbers soar!

There are many work-at-home "opportunities" out there, but if you have done any research at all, you know that there is very little behind them besides wasted time and wasted effort.  And many of them don't even offer an actual product or service.  That's why they never work.  We are not a Multi Level Marketing company.  We are a legitimate classified hosting site providing a much needed service, and we do it better than most.  All we want to do is help people sell their vehicles.  And in the process, we would like to provide our users the opportunity to make some money, and have fun doing it.  There are millions of people out there that need to sell something, but don't have internet access.  Now you can help them, and make  a profit for doing so! 

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Enter your Agent ID Name and your password to view your account information.  You will be able to see the status of each listing places with your Agent ID, and find out how much you have earned this week and to date.

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Printable Documents

Use the links below to display the pages for printing.  You should keep copies with you to hand out to sellers and dealerships.  Check back here for more promotional material from time to time.

Super Classifieds Information

Super Classifieds Form

Premier Dealerships Information

Premier Dealerships Form

Information sheet for sellers

Used to ad a seller's listing to the site

Information sheet for Dealerships

Used to register a Dealership for the site.


Change Password


If you are already a registered as a Listing Agent and have forgotten your password, Email us at with your Agent ID name, and we will resend your original password.

You must retain your original Agent ID, but, you may change your registration information including your address and password at any time with this form.

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